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Just in case there are people here who are not aware of it, another ebay boycott is planned starting May 1. In this case, many of the sellers are boycotting indefinitely and OLA ( is planning an advertising blitz to coincide. One of the boycott sites is specifically supporting 2 auction sites including OLA, plus Ioffer and one store site.

There is a thread on the ebay sellers central board, but it has been moved to the last page and locked. There are also several boycott forums off of ebay - for a list of sites go to

Just posted this in the spirit of letting people know. I'm not interested in exchanging insults or trying to change anyone's mind, I'm just sharing information for those of you who are interested.
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Hi everyone!!

I have been planning to leave feebay since the announcements near the beginning of the year. Thanks to this forum, I have found other auction sites, and have as many sales on those sites and my website to make up the difference. My ebay account was deleted this week because I listed digital delivered items in the wrong category. Ebay didn't give me any warnings. I have been told by a few ebay friends that this is impossible, because somewhere in ebay's policy says that I would receive email warnings. I only received one email telling me about the lsting be ended. Then I received another email minutes later saying I had been deleted. I haven't emailed ebay about my account. The item I had listed was a computer program (exe file) that I was emailing to the buyers. I hadn't read their new policy about digital delivered items, and didn't really think that item would be a violation. But as I said, I have been planning to leave ebay anyway, and I was going to participate in the boycott and eventually delete my account. Ebay did it for me. I don't understand how these people expect to keep their profits up. It seems that all the disputes I've ever had from ebay were over the weekends. I don't know what this has to do with it if anything. The ebay employees I emailed before were all Latino, and the buyers that I had open disputes with were also Latino, EVERY time. I'm not racist or anything, I just get aggravated with ebay, which should be more professional about their dealings with sellers that keep them in business. Bottom line...ebay doesn't care about how well your business is growing, just so they get their cut. There are too many cooks in the kitchen. They have a cocky boss now. It doesn't look good for ebay sellers. I wish Auctiva would work for other sites. Auctiva is amazing, and I have enjoyed using it. I will continue my account here because there are some very smart people here with some interesting posts. I wish luck to everyone selling on ebay. I am done with them. I won't attempt to have my account re-opened. It's not worth it to me! My auctions sell for the same amounts and sometimes higher on Overstock, iOffer, and other sites.
Hope to see more sellers at Overstock!!
Right you are, Fees...
Ebay has been sadly lacking in emails of any kind lately, buyers with strikes are getting re-instated unbeknownst to the seller that issued it, and there are many who are already dealing with FB extortion. Customer service was never much help but it's really non-existant now. My invoices have never been this high, and this could very well be the last summer I sell here. Here's that link that everyone looks at :
Listings are down, so it will be time again for all the mysterious 'test' listings to show up, and the 'accidental' listings to appear from Shopping dot com. to increase the numbers.

Glad you are doing well on Overstock. If I had somewhere else to go I would be gone too, but for now I'm stuck here. I'm going to Ebay Live because it will be right here in my hometown...that should prove interesting to say the least Smile
So who's boycotting?

I'm not, and things are selling. April was a great month for me, I pulled in over $500. That may be nothing for some of you, but for me, that's a banner month. OK, I paid a little more in fees, but as long as stuff sells, that's what matters.

We'll see how May goes, but as of right now, my hit counts look the same as they did last week. I honestly am not expecting any fallout from the feedback change.

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