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Well Hello Strangers, I see that the board is very slow these days I hope that means y'all are busy working and making lots of $Green$. I hope y'all are well and having a Fantastic Holiday Season. I'm doing pretty dang good, Going back to school (after 25 years) I start on January 8th and will be going for an associates in Human Services, then off to help the under privileged while I work on my Bachelors of Social Work. God has great plans for my life and threw all my crisis in my life for a reason, Now is the time to help make this world a better place. Great thing is, I'll be going to school with my oldest, lol. He is doing his first couple years at community college then off to OSU for his bachelors in Psychology, then he will be working on getting his PHD. Jeff will be starting college next fall, he will be going for Juvenile corrections most likely. My Baby is still in High School, and has no intentions on going to college, he is set on going into the service. All 3 boys are working besides going to school and doing fantastic.

Anyway, Just stopped by to Wish Everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR, may it bring you many blessings.

God Bless
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SmileThank you D and Donna. I must admit, I'm a bit nervous as the "First Day of School" gets closer, it's been many many years. Jeff (middle son) bought me a rolling briefcase for Christmas, there is NO way my back will handle carrying books around all day this is the only thing I asked for. Big Grin Dad gave me a 40.00 gift card and used that last night to buy school supplies, lol ..i have no idea what I need so just got basics. I turn 40 this year Eek hope I can keep up with all the youngsters, lol.

Hope you both had a very wonderful Christmas and Hope the New Year is full of wonderful surprises.

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