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I'm new at Auctiva. And I've noticed my first 2 blocks of listings have been missing certain fields Ebay have on their listing forms as standard. I sell clothing items, for example. On the Ebay listings there are fields, used for search purposes and therefore important, that don't appear on the Auctiva listings, such as Garment type, size, color, occasion. I also don't see a field to add international exposure to auction listings. On the Ebay listing form there's a field for international exposure in the US and Canada, for a small fee.

As it is, I'm wasting precious time redoing the listings in Ebay to add the information to the missing fields. Now ... maybe I'm missing something here. Could anyone enlighten me??


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Ah! It takes a woman to see what a man glances over and misses because it doesn't look the way he expected it to ... a nice little box to fill in ... lol! Thank you for that, Elite. I'm grateful. And now I'm wondering why Auctiva persist in using silly little pop up boxes to fill in, which adds to the download time, instead of doing what Ebay do and putting ALL the information on one form. Being in Thailand, the internet here isn't as reliable as in the west. And added downloads makes it that bit more inconvenient and time consuming.

BTW what's BigCrumbs like? I took a look and wondered if it's another of these online malls that has a good idea that really isn't that hot in practice.

Best to you

michael ...

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