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Is anyone having a mobile friendly issue in "Item Description"?

I received a phone call from a facebook friend yesterday. They asked me why I changed the mobile look of my new items. They told me the title was so huge and there was no pictures when they went into "Item Description". I explained it the best I could. They told me it was not appealing anymore. Although they did like the background coloring.

So, I went into my cellphone and took a look. It did the same thing on my phone. Yet, my old template (Not Available Anymore) did not look that way.

Thank goodness I only did a few listing in past couple days.

Please Please fix this before I lose any mobile customers.

Old Template Ebay#(222529870692)
New Template Ebay#
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I can't be certain, but in your case @jacid2000, it looks like the html tables you've included in your description for measurements are not mobile responsive, instead of floating, are respecting the media query breakpoints for different device sizes, they are forcing the width of the viewing area, which affects the rest of the template and html. You could try another approach to displaying your measurement grid, using divs and columns with css, or even a list. I viewed your listing without the measurement grid and it looks great!

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