Hi, I have several Auctiva accounts, An old account today got a "we want you back" email and mentioned that mobile gallery scrolling is now active - Awesome!
So on an active account I listed via Auctiva an item, Its active and listed on ebay, NO SCROLLING GALLERY when I view from my ipad......
So it this still a feature for the future or do I need to do anything?
On the ipad I see "free scrolling gallery will enhance your listings" hyperlink but no gallery........
Thank you for your time.
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Hi Basementbits -

The new Scrolling Gallery is actually not out just yet. In the email we were attempting to highlight items that have gone out (SKU support) and a few that should be out soon (Scrolling Gallery, new templates). I guess we missed the mark a bit with our wording - sorry about that.

In any event we're hoping to have the new Scrolling Gallery out later this week or early next.

Hi, Thank you for the info Chris,
I subscribed to this thread for "daily" updates, I now get that daily email BUT even if no replies have been added, Usually forum email updates only happen if a reply has been made, this also helps reduce server traffic / bandwidth costs........Might be worth a mention to put forward for consideration, Thank you, Andy.

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