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Hi all-
I have 20+ saved listings not yet posted. The problem is I created them all using eBay Site "United States" should have been eBay Motors. Does anyone know how to modify this ? When I go back to the saved listing(s) the election for a different site is grayed out. Pls help as I don't want to create them from scratch.

Thnx Barry-
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Hi Barry,

Unfortunately, in order to change the listing sites of these items, you will have to recreate them from scratch. Each eBay site has a slightly different listing form so the information cannot be passed easily from one listing form to another.

To recreate these listings quickly, you may want to open your Auctiva account in 2 separate browser windows. Then, you can copy/paste the listing infromation from your saved listings to the new listings with the appropriate eBay site selected.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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