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PLEASE let us choose the option of new or old. I can't take this new page anymore. I have tried to work with it but I hate it. Here are some of my problems with it.

*The incredible SMALLNESS of the thumbnails and dropdown options at top of page. I've noticed sometimes the thumbnails DON'T look cropped, but then they are even smaller.

*After scrolling to the bottom to get link to the old page, when I finish what I'm doing it reverts right back to the new. More scrolling..over and over.

*Page numbers are a mess, small and faint, I can only go forward 4 pages at a time. The old page had nice defined page numbers.

*Search box--When trying to do a search my cursor will invariably touch one of the dropdown boxes (since everything seems to be jammed together) and the dropdown will cover up what I'm trying to look for. I'm using a laptop touchpad so this happens ALOT. The old page had alot of room at the top.

*When going to the second page for example, it loads at the bottom so I have to scroll up

*The (also tiny) Fixed Price and Auction icons make no sense...What are they? A leaf? A little shovel? I don't know Frown

*Watching all 25 spinning circles as my thumbnails load is DRIVING ME CRAZY

*And mostly, everything is SO TINY. Why does it all have to be so small? Yes I could enlarge it but then other pages are out of whack.

This is just a rant Smile Putting the link at the top would help but then after finishing a listing or doing whatever else,you have to start all over again. I really like the idea of an option in account settings. If I never saw the new listing page again I would be SO HAPPY, LOL.
What do other users think? You did say you wanted feedback. Sorry mine's not good.I hate this page.
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