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Usually I do one listing at a time (just my habit). But today I wanted to just upload a whole file at once to save some time (would have been about 100 pics). Can only upload 16 or so at a this normal??? Also uploading V E R Y slowly and I keep getting high CPU usage warnings. Is this something on MY end?
Oh and let's not forget the constant security warnings that I have to bypass just to use the uploader...tho I've given up on those and figure it's just another headache I have to deal with. SIGH...main questions are why can't I upload more that 16 pics at a time and why is my CPU usage so high??
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Hi Community,

Thanks for keeping us posted on the behavior you are seeing. We are aware of the latest technical difficulties which are causing error messages to occur when attempting to upload images or access other pages on our site, and our technical team is currently working to resolve them as soon as possible.

I am uncertain when we will be able to fully resolve these issues at this time, but I will be posting further updates on this situation to the following thread as additional information becomes available:

We apologize for the continued difficulties.

When I get that type of error message (this might not work for everyone) just move error msg from uploader to the side & click within an empty photo box in listing. Usually even though I received the error failed to upload, doing this little work around my pictures show up!

Getting duplicate photos supports what I'm saying above. Because the 1st time the photos did actually load in spite of error msg. Just click in the pic box of your listing & see if populated. If not, click pic box again to see if pics were uploaded & then you can select. Hope that makes sense.

Re: only uploading 16 pics at a time, I use to have that problem. (Ditto CPU usage issue.) Then I started reducing the size of my pics from being sometimes 2 or 3 mb down to 1 or lower. Just make sure pics still meet eBay criteria for min size of pic.

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