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I would like to move my custom template from Inkfrog over here...but cutting and pasting it isn't working. I keep getting "You must use one, and only one, description tag in your template"
I would like to insert the Image tags into the template also. I know there is something in the code that is not jiving with Auctiva...Can anyone help?!
Thanks so much!
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Your template is saved in your account as well as an incomplete test listing. I added a title, description and 8 image tags. That should get you started. To further customize go to and click in the exact spot in the code where you want to insert a tag. Then click one of the "Custom Template Tags" on the left side of the window.

Welcome to Auctiva!
Thanks Chrystal! That was quick!
Just a few quick questions:
Can the pictures be any bigger? (550x824)

The bottom of the right had side (with the bullet points) doesn't seem to be centered?

I need the measurements and details area done in a way that I can change them depending on the garment sizes. Is that possible?

Thanks so much for your looks great and I am happy to be changing over to Auctiva!

Hi Tina,

Your template(Chrystal's Test) and saved listing have been updated. The bullets on the bottom are centered and I have added the measurements and details to the description area of your lister page so you can edit them there.

I think this is the best solution for your images. Auctiva will automatically resize them to a max size of 300 x 400 and give it a supersize link, so your buyer can see it full size on a separate page. Also, I think 550x824 is too large. Your buyer will end up scrolling horizontally just to get all your info which is a pain for them. That being said, you do have the option of sizing your pictures to the exact size you want, then select "Original Images" under "Choose Image Type" in the bottom left corner of the custom template editing page. With this option they will appear their full size and will not get a supersize link.
Thanks for the modifications! It looks great.
I understand your concern about scrolling.
I did try to adjust to the "original images" on the custom template, but it doesn't seem to stick. I wanted to see what it would look like, and I clicked "update" and "save" and neither worked. How do I get that option to save...or maybe you could do it and save it for me?
Thanks again,
Hi Chrystal,
I figured out the images issue. Only one more question.....I don't really need the Title in the area where I have the description of the item. I noticed that it just copies the Listing Title (ie., 80's Vintage Red Dress Swingy xs/s". Can you delete that from my Custom Template titled "Johanna"? I tried, but can't figure out how to do it!!!!
Thanks again so much!

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