Hi all! I am new to Auctiva. I have been using Photobucket for my image hosting. I like their editing capability. However, I like Auctiva's larger storage capacity. Is it possible for me to edit my photos in Photobucket, then move them directly to Auctiva, so I could then delete them from Photobucket? Thanks.
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Hi- I really would think so, but not sure how.. but have added question to this.

How can you move your pictures FROM auctiva back to your computer in an easy manner?

I put some on that I need to give to a friend and did not save on my end.

Is there a way to do this easily?


If I understand correctly what you are looking to do, we don't have a way to transfer images directly from Photobucket to Auctiva. If you have your images on your hard drive, you can upload them to Auctiva using the image uploader.


We don't have a bulk method to transfer images from Auctiva to your local computer...but..you can go to the manage image page, click on the thumbnail of each picture you want to save to expand it to full size, then right click with your mouse on the expanded pic and do a save to your local computers hard drive. As I say, not a bulk method but try it...goes faster than it sounds and will get the job done.

Hope that helps.
Thanks Tony. You understood my question perfectly. Might that be something in the works? If not, please consider it a suggestion from me. The other suggestion I have would be to make customizing templates easier for the non-HTML crowd. Thanks, and keep up the good work. I am very new to Auctiva, and I love it so far.

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