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HI, when checking my store settings (due to current store window emptiness) I see in big red letters the message:

Your store window is currently DISABLED! For changes on this page to take effect, please re-enable your store window in your account preferences.

However, I don't want Auctiva to add the store window to any of my listings as I already have the HTML code in my own template.

Has any of this functionality changed in the latest round of changes? Is it OK to leave the 'Use Auctiva Store Window' set to 'No', or will this affect my use of the store window in my listings?

Should the 'Use Auctiva Store Window' setting actually be renamed to 'Automatically Add Store Window To New Listings' - or is this like a 'master switch' that needs to be on for the window to work at all?
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Hi Neil,

The "Use Auctiva Store Window" seeting only need be enabled if you would like the store window to be automatically added to your listings.

It is definitely okay to leave the store window setting disabled in your account if you are manually adding the store window to your listings. This will have no adverse effects on the functionaltiy of the store window.

Perhaps the "Use Auctiva Store Window" setting should be renamed "Auctimatically Add Store Window".

Thanks Mike - it's one of those things, you have it all figured out so you forget about it - then you come back to it for whatever reason 6 months later and it all looks Greek again... Big Grin

ray_sjc, if my understanding is correct, disabling the window won't actually remove it from your listings - it will just stop inserting it in new ones. To remove it you'd need to find the window code in each listing HTML and remove that (providing you can still edit your listing, ie no bids & more than 12 hours left).


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