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This information has been been talked about in the corners of the internet for months. MSNBC is breaking the news out in the open.

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My understanding was that you needed a separate key for each Paypal. Least that's what I was told.

And it makes sense...Paypal would WANT to charge you as many times as possible..wouldn't they?

For more info on the hacking with screen shots...jump around this forum a bit. There's a lot of information..not just this thread.

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I think we're both misunderstanding.

I have four eBay accounts.
Two different types of Paypal.

Two of the eBay selling account IDs should be on one key as to the type PP account I have.

The other two eBay selling account IDs should be on another key as to the type of PP account they are.

Two totally different types of PP and four different eBay IDs doing business with what type of PP suits the sales.

Hope this helps.

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