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Okay, I think I've asked this before on another board last summer but I hardly remember yesterday let alone months ago.

Isn't it against ebay policy to list a mulitple choice auction, like this one?
Neck Coolers reason I'm asking is because I sell these and sold ALOT last summer but I list each one separetly unless I have more then one of the same style. Am I wasting my money, or are they breaking the rules? This isn't the only seller that does this with these, there are a few of them which is why I'm wondering.
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Originally posted by rowsofclothes:
I just noticed on that link you posted they have a certain amount available. 994 to be exact. That listing appears to be ok because its a bulk listing so they pay for each one they have avaliable.

You have to pay for a bulk listing or list separately.
Ah, okay I see. That makes sense, but I know there are some out there that don't do that.

although I was under the impression that it still has to be the exact item to listed together. so when they do it that way do they pay .35 cents x 1000 if that is how many they have?

I think I like having multiple listings, just means I am out there all the more and chances of them seeing mine over 1 multiple listing is greater, or am I not thinking right, lol.
How can they afford to sell these things for $1 with $1 (oops $2) shipping? I know there isn't a lot of fabric in there, but still! The time involved and the fees...

Lisa, yes, you can offer choice of color in a multiple item listing. You can also offer choice in a custom-made item listing. So you could list one and let someone choose the fabric if you were clear it was custom-made.

If you do a multiple item listing with choice of color, you have to be able to satisfy all customers if they all choose the same color. You can't say something like "first bidder gets choice of color".

Fixed price listing insertion fees are based on the net value of everything. So this person paid an insertion fee based on $999 or whatever price it would be all together.

If you were doing a FPL for $0.99 items, you could list 10 for a $0.35 insertion fee or 2 for a $0.35 insertion fee. Your next price point would be for listing 11-25 at $0.99.

Here is ebay's policy on choice listings (note the exceptions):
Thank You.

I don't know how they make money selling them at a buck, I sell mine for 3.00 each. My mom makes them on the side but has been making them for the company she works for for over 6 years so they are pretty much professionally made. The company she works for sells them for 6.00 each I think maybe more and I've seen them sell in stores for as much as 10.00 each.

That same lady sold last year too and I was worried she would outdo me with such a low price, but I sold probably over 400 of them, alot of lots so I think I still did decent. Just time to start listing them alot more, since the heat is around the corner for some parts.

I list most of mine in my store and then run a couple auctions with the link to my store for more, seemed to work okay last year so guess I'll stick with it this year too. I do NOT like change, lol.

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