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Any chance of adding a streamlined way of shipping multiple labels at once? Currently i have to print 1x1. i know you make 6 cents about per label, and i send over a thousand parcels every week or so, so you're doing well Wink If you could make a paypal like label purchasing environment where i can ship 1x widgets to 50 different people with a few clicks, since they all the same weight, that'd be cool!
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Hi bizzy,

Thanks for posting your question here.

We do not have any current plans to add a feature which would allow you to quickly purchase multiple similar shipping labels at once, but I will share your comments in this regard with our Product Management team and we will consider them when planning future updates to our site.

We appreciate the feedback!

Asked this about a year ago. Still no plans? Sorta sucks shipping 15 3 oz packages of the same product, and having to open 15 tabs, using macros to fill the data, than tab calculate on all 15, and then tab "purchase" on all 15. Wouldn't be so bad, except it takes a good minute or 2 to download the pdf's to print all 15. and if you try to download more than 10. it's an error.. Seems like things like this could make life so much easier on users

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