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Back on Auctiva after a break and have posted 2 items to ebay.

My listing descriptions, when posted to ebay are much more "bunched up" and look nothing like than the preview in Auctiva.
Also on the 2nd listing the there are extra "bits" on the end of the description box. This listing was created using "sell similar".
What is wrong please?
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Hi bumpersplus,

Thanks for contributing to our forum.

I just reviewed the two items you have posted through your Auctiva account recently through the latest versions of the Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers and, in most cases, the descriptions actually appeared just like on the preview page.

However, on one occasion, I did notice that the description text in one of the items was bunched together and I believe that must be what you are seeing. Once this happened, I refreshed the page and the description displayed correctly once again when the page was reloaded.

Based on what I have observed, it appears that eBay is loading some aspect of the description formatting for your listings inconsistently, but I do not see any reason why this should be happening. As such, you may want to contact eBay's Customer Support team to see if they can offer you any additional insight as to what may be causing this.

On the other hand, the extra blank space is showing up at the bottom of your most recent listings because HTML code was somehow introduced into the description editor which is creating that space.

If you open up the saved listing from which you posted that item and click the “Source” tab on the description editor to switch to HTML mode, you will see several snippets of code that look something like <p>nbsp</p> at the bottom - which indicate the space should be present.

If you were to post another item from this saved listing again in the future, you should be able to eliminate the blank space from the editor by simply highlighting it with your cursor and then clicking the “Delete” button on your keyboard.

It is difficult to say exactly how you may be able to resolve the issue of the description text sometimes bunching together since it is unclear why that is happening. However, at this point, I would try going to the eBay Revise your Item form for each item, deleting the existing description text from the Standard view of the editor, and then retyping it from scratch to see if that does the trick.

Similarly, next time you post an item through Auctiva, I recommend typing and formatting your text directly through our description editor (as opposed to using “Create Similar” or pasting content from another source) to see if that alleviates this behavior.

I hope this helps!


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