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When you start with a third party listing service (like Auctiva), it's normal for your listings to disappear for reindexing by eBay.

For awhile new listings will take several hours to index, and then they'll start showing up immediately. I'm not sure how long, but for me it was 2 or 3 months.

Try not to fret it and they really will reappear. Smile
Edited by me due to misreading Shadeaux's post, sorry Shadeaux Red Face.

Yes, it's antifraud, anti-hijack checks by eBay and Auctiva knows it is going to happen !

The regular indexing delay is common as a seperate event for all items coming in via 3rd party listing tools, but this 'new' customer frightener is still happening on a regular basis, Auctiva could actually warn you. Mad

Come on Auctiva do the decent thing and warn new customers - ref thread Step up Auctiva Mad
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