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I finally made my first custom template today. I didnt write my own code but using a code generator really helps me get an idea of what html is about. The template came out great. I have a question though. On a normal auctiva template the category title shows at the top of your listing as well. Is this something I have to Type in myself on a custom template? because the title does not appear on the listing at the top..even though I put a title tag in the listing. Thanks!
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You should be able to see it here:

I dont really want the store window in the actual listing I just put it there to see what it would look like and the gif is there to test it is all. Also for some reason on the practice board...the blue border around the listing doesnt show...the template does have a 1 or so inch baby blue shows up on the template in my saved listings. Why it doesnt show on the practice board i dont there another way I can show you the template?
the only thing i found right away was two unclosed <p> tags and one empty font tag.

with those fixed

need more caffeine to find why baby blue border not there. when saving to desktop and previewing in IE, baby blue border shows up fine.

edit to add - just noticed that on practiceboard, if you scroll down to very bottom, the baby blue background shows up at very bottom of page.
Originally posted by wayoutwest:
edit to add - just noticed that on practiceboard, if you scroll down to very bottom, the baby blue background shows up at very bottom of page.

I think its the store window in the listing causing the border not to show. Its there on auctiva so that doesnt bother me to much..but why isnt the <title>My Test Template<title> showing up?
all that tag (<title>MY TEST TEMPLATE</title> ) does is display the title in the blue bar at the top of the browser (like how right now at top of browser it says "My First Template - Topic Powered by eve community"). practiceboard overrides it with their title tag. and most likely ebay will override it with their title tag.

if you want your auction title to appear inside your template automatically (like how this listing has "eBay Live! 2006 Las Vegas Conference Guide New" right above the image), can put auctiva's title tag [title] wherever you want it to show up in template and it will replace it with auction's title. (just like it replaces [description] with description you type in)

hope that helps.
Thank you WayOutWest,

That is exactly what you need to do WestVaTexan. the title tag used to pull your title into the template is [TITLE]. No other tage will work. As a side note have you noticed that on the lister page we have given you the ability to have a regular title for your auction and now down where you select a template for your listing there is the ability to have a different title that displays inside your template! This is really helpful for those that are used to adding Keywords to your titles for those doing searches for products on eBay. Most of the time you do not want that same title to be displayed inside the template. Take a look, we are sure this added feature will make some people very happy.
Thanks Brent and Wayoutwest. I saw the box next to choose template with the auction title in it...I didnt realize I could change it without affecting the title itself...thats a great option to have.

Brent..the tag [TITLE] is what I put in the listing when I made it. When I went to the create a listing page and typed -My Test Template- in the title bar...thats when it changed to that in the code between <title> <title> I just assumed that since I used the [TITLE] tag, that on the create listing page, whatever I put in title bar would show up at the top of the listing. Did I put the tag in the wrong place? Heres where I put the tag in the code:
You are welcome WestVaTexan.

I don't know if I understand you 100% but I believe you are adding a <title></title>, where you only need a [TITLE]tag. So to just to be clear you only need to add this one [TITLE] tag to your custom template and nothing else.

When you create a listing you will enter your normal text for your title, towards the top of the lister page, then in the area where you select your template you will see another "Title" box, it should have the same title you entered at the top of the lister page for default purposes, you may delete that title, leave blank if you want or fill in with an appropriate title of your choosing (probably the preferred choice).

Have faith that your title, whatever you choose, will display where you want it to. Just make sure to NOT add those <title> tags that you showed in your example. Hope that has explained things clearly. Have a great day.
welcome, westvatexan.

like brent said, no need for the <title></title> tags. the only thing <title></title> affects is text in top edge of browser:

and, ebay sticks their own <title></title> tags on all ebay pages, so anything you try to put in wont be recognized (plus anything you try to put in ends up in the <body> section of the html)

the [title] tag (which can be anywhere in your template or description), when seen by auctiva, will be replaced with your auction title.
Ok got cha, Thanks a stinks being a newbie at this..I probably never will get to where I could write my own code completely, but just since the last time I posted about HTML I know a whole lot more than I did..just by messing with code generators and messing with My Space Templates. I took a My Space template and fooled around with the code a color, borders, fonts stuff like help me to understand what the hell I was doing a little..lolol

Again Thanks guys, William

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