Why? some time back, a month maybe even in the preview pane used while making an auction, when you clicked on a pic, it would enlarge, and an active auction's pix would do the magnification thing, and when double clicked would take you to the hosting site for viewing. What's happened to that? or, what have I done to disable the feature? I should add that I use Auctiva's image hosting/uploading feature.
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Hello rynegold -

Due to the changes in eBay's links policy we had to change the offerings for supersize images, so they operate differently now than the prior supersize image page that opened independently of the listing page. We sent out messaging about this change in functionality prior to it occurring - but the supersize images are still there, just a bit different in the way they operate.

The current supersize ability requires you to use one of our new templates (which are also fully compliant with all of the changes eBay has made this year) and the images will enlarge on the listing page itself when they are clicked; unfortunately, the magnifying function is no longer available in this version but the images do supersize in a way that complies with eBay's new requirements.

- Craig

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