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For those of you that might not know..Auctiva has their own Custom Template Service. Brent has been such a wonderful help and it was a great experience working with he and his team.

As many of you might know, I recieved my template already from Auctiva and I've been busy converting my eBay store, site and more for a very seamless look.

I was having a heck of a time (and didn't want to bother Brent with html problems as I wanted to try it on my own) getting the ME page converted over to match the template/logo that Auctiva made for me.

The html looked clearly as if it were a newborn language devised from Russian/Greek/Slavik languages. I'm at the elementary stage of html knowledge to say the least. <smile>

That's where Danielle (wahm) and Kathy (kwk designs) went to work and helped me.

Here's the finished product.

eBay Store look changed...done
Me page....done
changing pages in my store...not done
500+ auctions to convert...digging in this week to start the conversion.

Slow and steady gets the job done.

Many thanks to Brent and his wonderful team.

Thanks also to the ladies that helped me...Wahm and KWK.

Best Regards,
eCommerce Sellers Motivators "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? But actually, who are you NOT to be?" Marianne Williamson
Original Post
Here's the custom template that Auctiva designed for me. Along with the Logo design and more.

It matches the ME page previously posted along with my Custom Store Pages.

Brent couldn't have been easier to work with and the whole experience was smooth as glass!

I even put the avatar I'm using (compliments of my package with Auctiva) on my cell phone for the background!

Thanks Brent and the Auctiva Team!

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