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Selling a box, why?, how?, I want to.
I came across this listing, for a box, that would be field with an item that is more valuable(liers). Anyone knows how sucussful these types of listings are. I would love to sell something that "maybe" worthless to the person buying it. Thats like selling a bra to a guy without his knowledge, I mean maybe he can use it (fatty), but come on who buy any thing without knowing what it at your on Risk rule no longer applies
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Why would you want to sell something 'worthless to the person buying it'? That's just asking for a neg. I truly don't mean to sound harsh, but the mystery (to me anyway) is why anyone would even think of bidding on a mystery auction. I like to know what I'm paying for. Here is one of the MANY links in Ebays Answer Center to better understand what I mean:

There is also another complaint from a buyer who bid $600 to win a box with $5000.00 in it. The money was there alright, but it was monopoly money! (ok that is kind of funny) but really! I'm shaking my head...don't know what else to say Smile Common sense anyone???
Thanks member for the link, I just was wondering, because all the mystery auction I've came across had great feed back, there were question talking about waiting to pay day to buy. I looked in the feedback about 60% of there stuff is mystery, and yet it sell like hot cakes. the first mystery auction I came across, ever, was a auction for gift cards, pre-loaded with a value of $5-$200, each card sold for upto 100 dollars, and there feedback was great. So it's tempting to want to post a mystery auction, and its tempting to want to buy one as well, but as the saying say "curiosty robbed the cat"

And as for me saying "I would love to sell something worthless to a person buying", well who realy wouldn't, If there risking it to buy something that 'may be" worthless to them, which will make me a profit, I wouldn't really mind. Now Im not saying selling monoply money is ok, but they brought what the paid for $5000 and a box. Now Ive seen people really trying to get over, If a listing states something your suppose to get, then the seller tries to twist and send you crap. Thats when theres a problem

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