Long time ebay seller, but been oout of the mix for some time. I used to use Encidia for my shipping lablels and liked it as it was very easy and I had it setup to print right to my label printer.

However, I hated paying $10 a month for the service, especially in some months when I barely used it at all.

What other cheap options are available? The main thing I need is to be able to use the site or software in conjunction with my label printer
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Originally posted by carolinaclearance:
Long time ebay seller, but been oout of the mix for some time. barely used it at all.

I have always used the paypal shipping links and I find it rather easy. You can also go directaly through the PO via http://www.usps.com/ and print your lables and it is 100% free from monthly fees.
thanks, I tried it last night without hooking up the label printer, and worked pretty easily, just was time consuming taping the printouts onto the package.

Going to check tonight to see if my label printer is compatible for thier service.

For some reason the shipping prices seemed high, but I couldnt compare it to usps cause usps doesnt have tracking number fee listed on the site

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