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I have been selling on eBay for over 10 years, but then my husband fell ill and passed away. I took it very hard and quit selling altogether. It has almost been three years and I know it is time for me to start living again and I really could use the money as things are tight. To be expected things have changed with eBay, but I could use some help understanding the templates. I know they are not supposed to have add content. I did have a banner of clothes that if you clicked on it would take me to my store. Is that no longer allowed? What about my banner that is basically my logo that says my name of my store and shows my signature picture? I tried copying and pasting my old template to put into a new template, but all the pictures and logo are gone. I am not very computer savvy when it comes to HTML and I did hire someone to help put the HTML together to make my template. Could I hire one of you to help me? Thanks!
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Hello Eve22 -

All of our current templates are eBay compliant - they are both free of active content and are mobile friendly, so if you use any of our current templates they will present no difficulties on the eBay side.

It sounds like you also refer to our Scrolling Gallery, which has also changed to be compliant with the changes eBay has implemented in the last year or so, the former operation of the gallery involved both active content and links that led away from eBay, and so the functionality had to change to remain compliant when eBay made changes to their policies. Now the gallery still displays others of your active items, but when clicked they lead to the products page for your eBay account instead of the specific product.

As for the banner and logo you mention, without seeing what you refer to it is difficult to say, but you are welcome to file a support case at any time from under the Help tab of the site letting us know where these resources are in your account so we can have a look at them. Auctiva does not offer design services nor can we assist you with the custom HTML for a custom template - we do have a tool that will allow you to upload a custom template to your account for your own use, but we do not provide a service to design or create such a template.

If you further questions regarding your account or the use of our service, please do file a case and our support team will be happy to assist you further.

- Craig

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