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Hello, I was wondering how hard it is to convert my custom templates from Spare dollar/inkfrog to here?
Someone said it can be a bit difficult and time consuming for a newby!!
I have a load of templates, the bulk of them are the same but just a different image, then I have some that I paid for from designers
I am not sure what kind of charge it is to do somthing like this
I have not switched over yet because of the template situation
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Sjewel..are you by any chance Brents other half? lol
Danielle, thanks so much, I have a load made with a basic template and then several custom made prob spent a good few hundred on, some have flash do u think that will work..well I can ask you that later. Hey I didnt know you was the pro around here!!
Not quite sure whats going on over the other side with customer service, you can ask a question and no one answers..its really wierd, I am in process of saving all of my templates as its worrying to ya later
Hey There..

Nahhh...Brent and I've been working on something together.

Auctiva created my template, and they will be taking request for other custom templates at eBay Live and through the “Suggest a Template” page located at

I'll be getting the template up for all to view soon. There are a few final "tweaks" I have to put on the template before it's previewed for all..but it's MAGNIFICENT!

Here's the tip of the iceberg!

Auctiva was easy to work with an more. As the complete template and more becomes available and I use it in it's entirety..I'll post here!

Much continued success wished to Auctiva!

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