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I sucessfully upload listing into auctiva but can't post it to ebay. I have this errors:

  • At least one shipping option must be specified when using Require Immediate Payment.
  • For flat-rate or calculated shipping, Sales Tax cannot be specified when no shipping options are selected.
  • A valid state and rate are required to add sales tax.
  • At least one domestic shipping service must be selected when using fixed rate shipping.
  • A shipping service must be selected and shipping cost must be provided.


I tried to map different fields, but it didn't help. Please can you help me what field i need to map to solve this errors and example of content that i need to write inside.

Thank you


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Under the shipping tools you need to enter your zip code.  Also, under domestic shipping choose whether you are going to use calculated shipping or a flat rate. If you are going to ship outside of the US you need to fill in the international section as well.

If you use flat rate shipping you need to use a service...for example usps first class and the amount of what you are going to charge for shipping.  If you are going to use calculated shipping choose a service and enter the item dimensions.




Hello Ezona7 -

It sounds like we should have a look at the listing or listings involved to assist you with the validation errors you've run into.  Please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the title of listings where this is coming up so we can assist you with the specifics within your account.


 - Craig

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