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I'm trying to navigate to a paticular Template on the Auctiva site to use on my Ebay Store and Auctiva Store site.
I log in.
I click on the Home Tab.
I click on the Free Auction Template Gallery.
I locate the Template I want.
Now, How do I get that template uploaded to my Ebay site or my Auctiva site??

I log in.
I click on the Images Tab.
There is no information there to help me as instructed by an earlier staff comment.

I click on the Store Tab.
I click on Store Template.
The template I located earlier through the Home Page Tab is not located on the Store Tab. There are only 2 pages of Templates.
How can I get to this template and upload it to my Auctiva Site and Ebay site???
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I already have an Ebay site setup and has been..I have had all my listings imported to auctiva already..if this is what you are talking about "creating your listing"...but the template I am talking about is the one called "The Southwest"...that's all I want to know is how to incorporate that template..any ideas. Those weren't very good instructions to say the least.
Hi Dan,
I think I understand what you (and responders) mean, and I will try to help you thru it. As I understand it; you already have an eBay store with listings in it...and you want to incorporate Auctiva's template into your listings. Correct?

If you are making a NEW listing: Go to Auctiva and click the create new listing tab. As you are creating that listing (about half-way down the page) it will ask you about your template. This box is on the left side of the page, just under where you insert your item images. Once you click to choose a template, it will take you to the template selection page where you have a huge selection to choose from. When you find the template you want, click ''select''. Next, it will take you to a page where you can preview your selection and decide the image layout (top, bottom, horizontal, vertical and slide show). Just follow the prompts...very easy.

I have not found a way to add or change Auctiva templates to an existing eBay listing yet. There is a way to work around it though...this is how I am doing it: I either end the eBay listing early or wait for it to end on it's own; then I go to Auctiva. Click on the ''saved listings'' tab and locate the listing you want, then click ''edit''. You will be taken to the listing editor (the same page described above) where you will look for the template box (half way down on the left)and select the template you want using the same method as previously stated.(If someone knows how this can be done easier...I would LOVE to hear about I like to refresh the look of my store, especially after the Holidays.)

I hope this has helped. Let us know how it works out for you, or if you have any other questions.


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