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I sell auctiva ready templates on eBay, and last night, after I loaded all my templates to ebay, I noticed that auctiva added new tags!

Now there can be separation of shipping, and payment, and in addition, the inclusion of Tos, about me and contact!!!

My question is, the PAY SHIP tag was removed from the all available tag list. Does anyone know if they are planning on getting rid of the tag? Will it continue to work in the future?
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I will update that sticky later today. But as for the old [SHIP_PAY_DETAILS] tag, it should still work (so you don't have to go back and change every one of your templates) but it will insert the user's Terms of Sale there. If you just open your templates and re-save them, it will automatically replace the [SHIP_PAY_DETAILS] tag with a [TERMS_OF_SALE] tag, but even that is not necessary.

Hope that answers your question,
Auctiva David

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