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Can someone that has the NEW EDITOR (which is really an older editor 2 1/2 + yrs.) but NEWER than older....

(now that I have you confused).

Can you please check and see if when you are in description area and want to add a line between two lines and hit enter the page jumps down past description box so you have to back up to get back to that area.

This has occurred before and was fixed (I thought)...seems it could be back.

want to see if others have issue before reportinng.

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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. There is currently an issue with the newer editor which is causing behavior like you have described to occur when using the Google Chrome browser so, assuming your are using Chrome when this happens, I believe you must be encountering that issue.

As you mentioned, this issue did pop up once before and had been resolved, but it later resurfaced and our technical team is currently working to address the issue once more.

It currently looks like we may be able to get another fix for the issue in place as part of our next release so, although I cannot offer a specific estimate of when the issue will be resolved at this time, I do not expect it to take too long.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue may be causing.

Just wanted to jump in and say that this update would be meaningful for me.

I went back to chrome for listings when java had all those issues and daily updates were required. there are other advantages for me using chrome and it is unlikely i would switch back to firefox for listing.

so, all that said, it would be great if the update to rectify this, is sooner than later.

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