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The category on eBay I most often list under was Self-Representing Artists, category #20158. However, eBay recently discontinued that category, they changed the name and number, it is now Direct From Artist, category #60437.

I listed several items last night and had to go in and manually revise all of them. I went to try to list a new item just now. My Auctiva template still shows the old category of 20158, and when I manually enter the new category 60437, it tells me "Cateogry in your Listing is Invalid", and a window pops up for me to browse through the categories.

Additionally, the new category 60437 has quite a few different item specifics from the old 20158.

When will these new category changes be made available, so I don't have to revise each item I list?

Thanks for your help.
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I would suggest opening your Support Case with exactly that text. It's well worded and has a good example of what you need. That's not meant in any other way than an earnest suggestion to get proper attention and action. They do monitor the Forum, but a Support Case gets action. Wink

My own perspetive on the issue. There will always be a lag between ebay introducing changes and any 3rd party service implementing same. It takes coding time, testing, and release scheduling of the changed code. I do think they try hard to keep pace, and a Support Case would help identify the "priority" needs.

Thanks, Danno, I did send a support ticket in, too, but wanted to write something on the board because people are great about quick replies.

I realize there will be a delay in keeping up with eBay changes, but since this one has been announced for a while I was hoping Auctiva would be ready to transition in.

One of these days, eh? Smile Thanks for your note!

Self Representing Artists has been changed to

Dorect from the Artist

and has a new number 15089

I went to start a new listing to see if it was there and the name, Direct from the Artist

was not there SO click Self representing Artist and a new number showed that was not the new number which the catagory was changed to.

Gawd!!!! It's true you knew this change was coming ... why can't you do things on time???

It means I have to revise all listings to add the style and medium used .. but there is no catagory for subject matter because the old number is not valid on ebay for item specifics any longer ...

When will you get it together??
Hi Community,

We are going to be updating our categories to reflect the recent changes eBay has made to their category structure later today, so the current categories that are available on the eBay website should also be available through Auctiva by this evening.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:

Any update on the Art Category changes and Item Specifics?

eBay said the situation is "resolved," but that is not true. As of last night, artists were reporting that they could not make the revisions that they needed to, and that the Search was not working properly.

I understand that it will take some time for Auctiva to catch up - especially since it's apparent that eBay has made a hash of it again - waiting until they sort it out might be the best thing to do.

The difficulty is that eBay may never really sort it out. They rolled this change out with some bad programming.

However, I would really prefer to list from Auctiva, since that is the only way I have ever created auctions for eBay.

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