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Hi all, I knew it was just a matter of time until this happened. Maybe you have already gotten one of these, but I never have and I havent heard of anyone getting this one, so I figured I would post about it.

I always get the ebay unpaid item dispute and ebay feedback withdrawal fake emails and have for a very long time. This morning I open my mail and find my ebay seller invoice. I usually get around the 13th to 18th every month...I look it over and save it to my ebay account folder. I then go to ebay to pay it and realize I already paid them for this month about a week ago so Im like..wait a minute..I go to seller account and sure enough its all been paid already.

So I go back to my mail and look at the header view for the ebay invoice and find that it came from lmao...I swear to god it looks exactly and reads exactly like your invoice.

I am just fortunate that out of habit I do not click the links on ebay emails anymore..I always go to ebay to follow up. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that now there is a fake ebay sellers invoice out there. SO DONT CLICK THE LINKs! Wink
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Originally posted by eWonders:
"The baby says.... "

.... dont click the linkssss
......dont click the links......
...dont..clickk... the... li..nks.....
" west...colectibles.....

Man I love those babies eyes... LMAO!!!!
have a great day!!

This could backfire on you cause what I read was:

" west...colectibles....."


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