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Hi I was wondering how to get my autorelist items to display my updated version of the template they are using??

I set each auction up with its own custom template and after viewing how it looked on ebay i did some changes to it wich i saved to the master templates but now once my items are automaticaly relisted it still doesnt show the new revised template it is supposed to use still the old one that i created the listing with.
Do i have to remake all the listings using the same but remodifide template for it to show? or is there a way to have all the new autorelist posting automatical use the updated template?
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A relist simply uses the code of the completed listing stored at eBay as the basis for the relist. There are a limited few changes that can be made with relist from Auctiva, but total code replacement isn't one.

You could stop the auto-relist from the Active Listing page at Auctiva, and start again with a fresh listing submission from Auctiva. If the changes aren't critical, that's a good option.

You could also revise the current active listing at eBay using their revise listing editor and update/replace the HTML code using the <HTML> export icon for a Saved Listing.


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