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I'll pile on to the complaints about the new HTML editor, because this particular problem is unacceptable. When I try to view the source code in the new editor, all formatting of the source (indentions, carriage returns, line feeds) are gone, making the source code just one big endless string of HTML, impossible to decipher and edit in source view.

This is totally unprofessional for anyone to create an editor that modifies the source this way, unless it was intended by the author. This should be fixed immediately, so that source code is exactly the same as what was written in the box by the author.
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I decided that since I got no response on this matter from Auctiva 3 days ago, that I would look into fixing the problem myself. I think I have a resolution if any of the support staff at Auctiva would like to pass it along to development.

The problem stems from the fact that HTML source is stored away for use by the editor in a hidden form input tag...

 <input type="hidden" value="[HTML Source]">  

When this is done, all line feeds and other control characters are lost.

The solution is to use a TEXTAREA tag and set it's visiblity to hidden. Give the TEXTAREA the same id and name as the current INPUT tag, and the editor code will still have access to the HTML source using the value property.

<textarea id="[id]" name="[name]" style="visibility:hidden">
[HTML Source]

This will preserve any carriage return and line feed characters in the source HTML and make working with it much easier.

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