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We are very proud to announce the release of some exciting new features for our customers!

Here are a few examples of our New Features:
  • FREE eBay Canada
  • FREE Consignment
  • FREE CSV Reports
  • FREE Relist Scheduling
  • FREE New Insurance Claims Process

eBay CA joins Auctiva's list of supported eBay sites. List your items to eBay CA today.

Consignment allows you to add, list items for and manage your consignment accounts through Auctiva. Keep track of your consignment accounts, items listed and payouts with our new consignment functionality.

Relist* Scheduling allows you to schedule relists in bulk with staggered launch times. You also have the ability to edit certain fields as you are relisting, like Start Price and Duration.
*Items relisted through Auctiva will be eligible for reimbursement of eBay relisting fees according to eBay rules and regulation.

CSV Reports are designed to allow you to track your sales data. Comma separated values (CSV) files can be opened in applications like Microsoft Excel, for example, and allow you to sort, organize, make graphs and create views of your data.

File Auctiva Shipping Insurance claims online. So far, you have been used to saving lots of money buying Auctiva Shipping Insurance over USPS. Now, should you need to file a claim, the process is step-by-step and online. Save money and sanity using Auctiva Shipping Insurance.

Visit for our full new features list!

Happy Listing!
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