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We have updated to provide support for the following:

- The Auctiva lister page now allows entry of 80 character title lines, following suite with eBay's earlier announcement of support for same. (Note: this feature will become operational on Auctiva when it becomes operational on eEbay.)

- Selection of refund messages using Auctiva are now limited to 'Money back or exchange' as required under eBay's fall seller announcement. Additionally, options for specifying return days have been amended. You may now select from 14, 30, 60 days, or now returns accepted as per eBay's fall seller announcement. (Note: this feature will become operational on Auctiva when it becomes operational on eEbay.)

- We have added the capability to pass a UPC, ISBN or other such identifier not found in eBay's catalog when a listing is entered to eBay. This will not currently add it to the eBay catalog, but passing the identifiers will facilitate product search for the item on the eBay site.

We are awaiting necessary information from eBay which will enable us to provide the catalog add functionality eBay announced would begin in September. Work on this will begin shortly.

- We have made numerous improvements and bug fixes to our new Sales page and postage label printing facility. (Please note that the old sales page continues to be available as well.) We are largely complete with these changes, but we do plan to add both scan forms and bulk label printing in the future.

Please note that the site updates just mentioned were all made with no downtime on the Auctiva site. We are employing new technical methods and approaches to help us do the site updates with as little downtime possible--and zero downtime for future site updates is our goal.

In the future, we expect to meet the goal of zero downtime for many if not most site updates. There will be occasional updates that will require us to have the site offline briefly; we will notify you in advance when that occurs.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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