New Features Introduced in Site Update Made This Morning - 9/9/09

Hello Community,

We have just completed updating the Auctiva site today and we want to let you know what’s in the update as there are several cool new things for you.

First…and I’ve already posted about this…we have introduced our new Auto-Purchase feature to let you automate the purchase of your Auctiva Shipping Insurance policies, but with greatly increased control by you.

Second, we have introduced a ‘Bulk’ Live Listing Revision tool that will let you revise your live (e.g. active) eBay listings directly from the Auctiva site. This is a feature that we know people have clamored for for quite some time, and we are pleased to deliver it to you.

A couple of notes about it: The live listing revision feature is available only to Auctiva users who have signed up for listing functionality via one of our paid plans.

Free Tools users will need to revise their listings directly on eBay. You can update up to 100 live eBay listings at a time using this tool.

Third, we are introducing a packing slip print function that many people have asked us for. You will find this function on the transaction page and click on the transaction details next to the listing. From there you can generate a packing slip. Note that these can have your logo in them if you upload the logo to Auctiva.

Fourth,we have restored the spell check option to the description editor on the Auctiva lister page.

Numbers one and two above are the first step in preparing the Auctiva site for eBay’s rollout of their 2009 Seller Release (SR) 2 that will occur on September 22nd. We will have another update on September 23 that will implement those changes.

I have created two discussion threads under the ‘Listing’ topic of the Auctiva Web Based eBay Tools Forum for Shipping Insurance and the Bulk Live Listing Revision Tool introduced in our site update this morning. Please post questions or comments about these to these threads.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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