Will such features be added to store windows?

1) "Update Now" button: we don't need to wait Auctica server update our listings every 2-24 hours, we can add 1 auction item to ebay and update it right away, so the scrolling store window can display it right away.

2) Different Categories: if I sell both Playstation 2 TV console systems and parental TV locks, and I don't both items appear to each other's store windows, coz it may not be cross-promotion but cross-isolation. Categorized store windows is necessary.

3) Can we add our own store logo to the store windows?
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1) ? Would be perfect
2) ? would be nice
3) Why, your logo is already on your listings, if you've chosen to include the store banner on your listing from eBay store preferences.

3)if you mean the showcase, yes you can. You can enter the url on the Edit About Info page.

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