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Hello Community,

We have today updated the Auctiva site this morning to add more great features that will give you a boost as you head into the Holiday selling season.

- First, we have added some new templates for you to give your listings the look they deserve:

* Check out our new “Thanksgiving Dinner” that features a modern woman who knows how to celebrate the holidays in style. We are designing a whole series of similar templates for other holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day and Halloween.

* “Mr. Frosty” is a new Christmas template featuring everyone’s favorite snowman. And we didn’t stop there. “Santa’s Helper” and “Christmas Elf” are great for auctions geared toward kids and kids at heart.

* For lovers of the color pink, we have our hip new “Polka Dot Porpoise,” “Pinky Cat,” “Funkalicious, Funky Cat” and “Pretty Pink Hearts” templates.

* We have also created a few templates you can use year ’round. Be sure to check out “Fun in the Sun,” “Oceanography” and “Light Green.” One of our new templates is named “Halloween Kitty;” however, this retro-style template can add a great look to your listings at any time of year.

More exciting new templates with imaginative sales-boosting designs will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

- We have added a new Advanced Edit mode for closed listings. This feature allows you to edit almost any of the data fields in a closed listing prior to relisting it. Now you can change subtitle, shipping costs, listing format, description and even the category. (There are a few limitations. Only listings that were originally created in Auctiva and have the associated listing in the Saved Listings folder can be edited using the Advanced Edit mode. Listings that have been closed more than 90 days cannot be relisted.)

- Also, Auctiva now supports eBay’s new International Ship To exclusion feature. If there are certain countries you are not willing to ship to, you can now exclude them when using Auctiva to create an eBay listing. The Auctiva feature works in conjunction with your global ship to exclusion settings that you set on you’re My eBay page to allow you to override these settings listing by listing.

- Our CSV (comma separated value) sales reports are now out of ‘Beta’ and in production status. We have added Item Price and Amount Paid to the transaction reports tab.

- Last but not least, we improved our ‘Help’ by adding more questions and answers that we see Auctiva users asking about. Among the new FAQ’s are ones covering commonly asked billing questions, as well FAQ’s for the new features announced above.

**Previously Announced Features* *

Following is a list of recent features released in the last few months.

- Auto-Purchase rules for shipping insurance: this feature lets you automate the purchase of your Auctiva Shipping Insurance policies.

- ‘Bulk’ Live Listing Revision tool: this lets you revise your live (e.g. active) eBay listings directly from the Auctiva site.

- Packing slip print-out. You can now go to the transaction page and print a packing slip for your listing. These can be personalized with your logo.

- Spell check: The spell check option has been restored to the description editor on the Auctiva lister page.

- eBay Discontinued Listing Enhancements: Several listing enhancements were discontinued by eBay. These including Gift Services, Border, Highlight, Featured Plus, Home Page Featured, and Pro Pack. Featured First is now limited to Top-rated sellers. Associated changes have been made in Auctiva.

- BIN 10% greater than auction start price: eBay now enforces that a BIN (Buy It Now) price be at least 10% greater than the auction start price. This limitation is validated by Auctiva.

Store listing format discontinued for eBay Australia: eBay Australia no longer supports the Store item listing format; associated change has been made in Auctiva.

- My Invoices page: We made formatting changes to the 'My Invoices' page to improve readability and usefulness to our users.
Open support cases: on the Seller Dashboard page, users who have open support cases will now be able to see a list of their support cases.
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