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yep.. wham is battle worn and battle tested.... and KNOWS EXACTLY what to do in forums!!!

each person has total control of how to feel ... a choice of feeling good or bad... these are not sticks and stones that break thee bones... these are letters on a screen.....and if someone does not like a persons posting... then do the EASY way of not looking.....but an ignore feature does help with making it easier to control ones own self..!!

but if anyone posts personal info on another poster ... then that is harmful..
and by the way... whenever I get ignored or put on iggy.... that gives me the heebie jeebies.... ok ....

but sometimes when i start to dranking ... and forget where i'm at in this world... I may moonwalk across screen in me birthday suit.....

I got to dranking the other nite.... and made an invention...... yeppers i did..... I can now mash meself thru the puter .. to and thru womens monitors......... when i drank tonight i may work my invention .. starting with women in the sunshine state....I gots 50 states to work on with me invention!!
and whats good a bout a lounge is... when we all git to dranking and hollaring and fighting.. kicking and sucker punching and breaking beer bottles over noggins.... we won't get nary a scratch ....... nope not nary a scratch!!!.... NOW we cannot do this down at the local lounge ..

Hallelujah !!! thank the lord above for the cyberspace lounges!!!!.. heack even women can dance on the bar and table tops.... who knows what all can be done in a cyber space lounge without nary a scratch!!!!

and i'm branging in a wheelbarrow full of quarters to keep people from putting me on ignore.... that gives me the dad gum heebie jeebies... i can't stand that!!
When someone on your ignore list changes their ID, they are still on the ignore list with their new ID. The only option available is to remove them from the ignore list and then reinstate them to that list, otherwise their posts are still in the way, just taking up space. Interesting, I didn't know it worked that way.



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