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Hello Community,

We've added this new section in the Forums to give everyone a place to post about Auctiva Shipping Labels and our new Sales Page. Please make your posts on these topics in this section.

Current status of this project is that we are still making improvements to both the new sales page and the label printing. We are planning some enhancements that we will complete as rapidly as possible. These are:

Shipping Labels:
'Scan forms' for USPS
Bulk Label Printing

Sales Page:
Add ability with new sales page to view history older than 120 days. The old sales page will remain on the Auctiva site until this capability is in place.

We are looking into adding support for what some people on the forums have referred to as 'zone' boxes or as USPS calls them 'Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes.'

We Need Your Input
Lastly, we need information from you. As we begin work on adding support for bulk printing, we would like your input on what label printers are most commonly used (such as Zebra, Dymo, DuraLabel,Kroy, Brady, etc.) and also what label sizes (e.g. 4 x 2, 6.75 x 4.25, 6.78 x 4.75, 7.375 x4.5) are most commonly used.

Posts on printers and label sizes will be especially appreciated.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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