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Having used the scroll bar for many months I thought I would sort out my first listing with Auctiva this afternoon. After sorting it all out and doing what i thought was right as an experienced ebayer, I submitted my listing for posting and hey .................. it was returned as not able to validate...... what a waste of time and looks like its back to TURBOLISTER
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Hi Choo Choo Guy, Thanks for the call. If I could have been more specific then help would have been available, but it gave me no reason for it not validating.

I have listed many, many items on ebay and used turbo from the start but want to try and save some money on pictures etc and Auctva offers me that...... but only when I can get the item submitted.

I might try again later today and see how we go but if it fails again im afraid its another lost customer,

Thanks anyway

Hi Choo Choo, again, well looks like I have sussed it out..... something to do with the insurance that needed correcting. I made the changes and then posted the item and it has gone on.... at a strange time for me but didn't want to wait till 8pm UK time to se whether it worked or not,

Anyway, all looks well, thanks for your help,


Yes Brian, the moral here is to always try a one off regardless of the tool and venue before committing in bulk.

Listing fees are too high to take chances especially if something is bid for and wrong, gets messy and can generate ill will with customers.

There is a learning curve to deal with here but it is well worth it. Happy you got it sorted Smile

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