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Beware this seller!

Jason Sears & GMSTech KC, LLC stole my money from an Ebay auction. He claims fault with Paypal, but I know that he has other outstanding claims filed against his company. He has had ample opportunities to correct this dispute & has failed to do so.

I suggest not doing business with this company.
I've had the same problem with Jason Sears at GMSTech. I purchased a $500+ processor from them, never recieved it, then they refused to reply to any of my emails or phone calls. Paypal tried to get my money back, but GMSTech refused to honour the refund. Haven't heard anything from them since September 7th. Very dodgey people to buy off...
The TRUTH about PayPal and, thus, it's owner eBay:

"With PayPal, your money is deposited into a PayPal Account, which PayPal Fully Controls. Since PayPal is NOT a bank, they do not need to follow federal banking regulations. These regulations are designed to help the "Average Joe" avoid issues like having their bank account frozen for weeks or months with no explanation.

"Who would trust their money with a bank that could do that?"

Sadly, Paypal routinely freezes its customers' accounts for almost anything and without warning. Once an account is frozen, the funds are often held by PayPal for months on end with Absolutely No Recourse for the merchant.

A domino effect occurs when a PayPal account is frozen, leaving the merchant with No Means To Fill Orders. Those orders are then disputed by customers, creating more chargebacks and the illusion of fraudulent activity on the part of the merchant."

*Source: 995 Merchant

There is a reason PayPal is constantly being investigated by the Federal Government. Look into it before making accusations.
"Look into it before making accusations."
The only accusation I am making is that for over four months, I have had NO comunications from GMSTeckKc, despite many, many emails, phone calls etc. I paid a lot of money in good faith, and am very annoyed that they are unwilling to respond, or in any way make restitution. In the end, I got the same processor direct from the manafacturer, who delivered within 10 days and gave me excelent costomer support. It's a pity there re-sellers weren't so thoughtful...
I was doing a web search today and ran across this little thread. I have to say, I've done business with GMSTech KC and found them to be very helpful and honest. Jason saved me a little over $200 by suggesting a different (less expensive) processor upgrade than what I was originally looking for. Most vendors would have just sold me the more expensive item instead of what I really needed.

Also, I know what he's saying about PayPal, because I've been there. I've been selling products online for two years now. (Not on eBay/GreedBay...learned my lesson with that a long time ago.) I had PayPal freeze my account due to some glitch in their system. It took me three weeks to get them to finally admit their mistake and turn it back on. I dropped PayPal shortly thereafter and haven't looked back since.

In the meantime, I had several customers go through what it sounds like the above folks went through. Unfortunately, I was at the mercy of PayPal and couldn't do anything about it. They had my funds tied up so I couldn't fulfill orders.

In closing, if you're an online seller and using PayPal, I strongly suggest looking into other payment receiving options. Despite what PayPal might like you to believe, these other methods aren't expensive and they won't kill your business by locking you out and turning your customers against you.

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