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Hi all you wiser than me Auctiva-ites! When I am listing I cannot find anywhere on the listing description section to say whether or not my item is new or used! So I usually have to revise my listing thru eBay to add this information straight after posting it with Auctiva... This is rather time consuming - can anyone tell me how to do it when creating the Auctiva listing???
Many thanks in advance....
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I was JUST about to make suggestion to the Auctiva Gods to move this feature to a more prominent place on the auction listing form. It's indeed hidden under the "Select Item Specifics" link.

For ALL item categories it has at least the 'New' and 'Used' values, but depending on the item category chosen it may also show a 'Refurbished' choice, and even more specifics like 'Brand', 'Year', 'Platform' and anything else that eBay uses in the Item Specific search feature (there's a way on eBay to search for JUST 'new' items, or items that meet other criteria that are not necessarily listed in the title or text).

So... while I'm at it.. and the Auctiva Gods are reading this...
Would it be possible to NOT have to click that link to get the item specifics? The form would have to dynamically change based on the item category chosen. (that's probably why it's under a link instead, right?).

Likewise, the 'Return Policy' text in the Checkout Options is also hidden under a link. Can that be brought out to daylight a well?

Thanks for the great service that Auctiva is today... Yesterday was another day with an eBay listing sale, and zero Auctiva site issues (or at least, everything worked fine for me!) Big Grin

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