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I've been reading about a new perk offered by eBay and trying to set it up, but...not working right. Help anyone???
I read that if one offers free shipping you get free subtitle and a 35 cent insertion fee for 30 day listing... and if you use auto-renewals (good til canceled) then no need to repay the insertion fee each time if I understood it correctly. Can be good for certain items, and since I have several of a certain item, wanted to set it up.
But I am not getting the option for a 30 day listing through Auctiva at all, and the subtitle seems to be connected with a fee. Has anyone tried this or know how to make it work?


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I haven't listed using auctiva for a long time now so I won't be much help here.

I can take a wild guess however.

Ebay is changing a lot of stuff and when you have a site like auctive that works along side ebay it must really leave them scrambling.

My bet is auctiva has their hands full right now reprogramming the site to work with all ebays changes. Over the past month ebay has changed a TON of things and this will mean a TON of work for auctiva's staff.

I would like to be a fly on the wall at auctiva. I bet there is some very colorful words being said about ebay at this point.
You must use fixed auction type; set shipping venue and put 0.00 in cost box next to you choosen shipping venture and then, you should be able to select 1,3,5,7,10,30 or good 'til canceled from the drop down box for no of days. The fee preview may still show a fee for the subtitle but ebay will show the promotional FREE discount once posted. Now that is from Auctiva's side. Actually eBay is suppose to let you use regular auction type with Free Shipping offered and still receive the Free Subtitle; but, I have not tried it in setting up from Auctiva.

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