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I can't seem to save any new profiles. Nor can I "save as" or modify existing profiles.

I can go through all of the motions and click "save" or "save as". The screen refreshes with the new title I've chosen but the profile doesn't show up in "Manage" and it's not a choice in the listing creator.

Surely, new profiles should be available immediately, right?

Stupidly, I deleted one I need (checkout) and now I can't recreate it.

Any ideas?
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Hi Rick,

New profiles should definitely be available immediately.

Our engineering department is aware of the inability to save checkout profiles and will have a resolution as soon as possible.

There is also a bug preventing users from being able to save item details profiles. This issue has been addressed and will be fixed by this afternoon.

Are you having problems with any other profiles?

Creating profiles doesn't seem to be a problem any more, but I can't seem to overwrite profiles when creating a new listing from a previous one ("create similar").

I go down to the Checkout portion, choose my new profile in the dropdown and hit "Load". The screen refreshes but the old profile remains (and still remains when posted to eBay). At first I thought perhaps it was on a lag (just guessing, really) but I'm still having the same problem.

Is there something I'm missing?

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