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I know...I am confusing.

I did not pull up old, very old thread on no since hashing up the past (plus I am lazy and did not want to spend hours trying to find it).

I HATE, HATE, HATED the new saved listing page when I first used it...for many reasons!!!
Mainly that it was forced on us and did not have same functions as old....but that is water over the bridge.

I have started using for some things. Some of the original issues have been fixed...but a couple of things on the new page grate my nerves that were on the old but not on the new.

I am find myself shuffling back & forth because of functions not being on NEW one.

SUGGESTIONS that would help:

1. Old Page has a box that you can check and it will do entire page if you want it to of checks all the way down in each box. I am not sure what you call this other than a check box that checks all items in that row. (this box is on blue line that has check box a hidden thumbnail icon, then Title/Format....etc...etc.

NEW one does not have that and it needed really bad. You have to go in and check each listing individually. So if you want to change 250 are stuck with checking each and every box one at a time.

(perhaps even doing like yahoo email. You can click on the control and shift keys to do multiple deletes or filings at same time)

IF you are making a bulk change to say 100 have to physically check EACH and EVERY single box.

This is HORRIBLE and a step back for mankind (ok auctiva users)

2. The image old saved page you can see entire if you look at a black dress, entire black dress shows up, so you can see it easily. (using dress as example, same with any item)

In see part of it...which is normally the waist of a dress. So you have 20 of same brand dress, all in black all you see is waist, unless you want to click each one which is crazy if relisting multiple items, that you can see entire picture of item listing. (most people look at things from the top down so not sure this middle is great for most of us.)

For example say a pool table...if it does middle only you will only see air in the photo...if you sell vases that are similar, you will only get middle of them in some cases. Some items I get entire picture...but most do not.

I know plan has been to retire the oldest one of these. I think having before these two are ironed out is going to be a problem...

ESPECIALLY # 1, as I am attempting to do bulk EDIT all of my am juggling & forth between old and new since I have notes in the new.

When ebay has something to be done that requires bulk changes...this is going to be a huge issue since everyone will have to check each and every box individually.

Just a thought....Mike any input on this being done...major pain like it is and this juggling back & forth is for the birds.

I would also like to reserve the right to give other suggestions on it....(as what I LOVE others may hate)....which is NO problem, we need all input I think.

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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thank you very much for the feedback. The new Saved Listings page actually already has a Select All box that you can check in order to select all the items on the page you are viewing. If you visit the new Saved Listings section within your account, the little box just to the left of the "Post" button along the top of the page is the Select All box.

However, I did notice that it does not display "Select All" when you mouse over it like the similar box on the old Saved Listings page so we will look into addressing that issue so the purpose of the Select All box on the new Saved Listings page is more obvious.

Also, I do see what you are referring to with the thumbnail images displayed on the new Saved Listings page and we will take your comments in that regard into consideration when discussing future updates to this page.

Please feel free to make us aware of any other ways you feel this page could be improved as well.

Blind as a bat...DID not see that! Big help in bulk changes for sure.

I am sure using a dress was not a good example..should have used mens pants or mens shorts...on pants you would see hips or below on shorts you would only see bottom half usually.
You can tell I do not sell many mens items.

I would also like to see the pages number area more like other old one or so we can put in a number ourselves. I use this to tell what page I need to go back to as sometimes if you you may not need all of the pages and think ok, I left off on page 11 and being able to click to that saves doing arrow method.

Here is cut/paste of old page area that is under the edit post schedule area and above the check box over to far right.

1 - 250 of 1,173 1 2 3 4 5

You can tell I am a creature of habit and find change difficult, to say the least. But you can teach an old dog new tricks it just takes awhile.

Thanks for letting me know about check box...
Mike...there is a number thing...just found is drop down rather than across which is fine, I just could not find it. I am a creature of habit, so if something is changed someone has to to explain it to details!!
So ignore post for that on numbers on pages.

However, if auctiva personnel TELL us what to look for when they introduce something...or even a tutorial on features it may help us to be more receptive of change. Since this was something we were originally defaulted to with no warning or direction sellers were upset and rightfully so, I think. As most of us saw this as change just for the sake of change. BUT, I do remember there being quite a few other issues with this at the time, which seem mostly to have been resolved.

Hopefully I am not only one who finds the images cut a real pain. So far other things I have discovered have been fine.
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