Skip to main content I'm new here. I could swear that I didn't see the *NEW* Seller Details Profile till after we went back online today...

Anyways, I created one and tried to use it on an existing listing that is scheduled to post tonight and no changes with the Seller Details took.

I then did a mock listing just to test the *NEW* Seller Details Profile and I still didn't see the entries I saved on the Seller Details. Am I doing something wrong or is Auctiva still working on this?

BTW...I LOVE Autiva!!!!!!!
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Hi trixie. It was there before, now has a "new". When you create a profile, you have to tell it where to go. Rather tell the listing which profile to pick up. On the right side, there are drop downs all along there.

When you preview, you can see your handiwork in action before going live. Smile

Hope that makes sense. I Love Auctiva too!

I forgot to mention the Master Profiles, where you can choose many variables to apply automatically. It's great!
Hi SolelySucculent,

The only "Load from a profile" dropdown that had my saved "Seller Details" which I named details1 was the "Item Details" section. I selected & loaded it. I fully expected that to do it but nothing...that's where I decided to get help from Auctiva's Community.

I'd like to get it to work since it would save me a ton of work but it is not cooperating Roll Eyes

Any other suggestions that might get me on my way?

Thanks again
I am having problems also with this section, and have tried working on it for a while, of no avail...
In Manage Seller's Details section: I am trying to edit what I have already entered. It does not seem to take my editing and, if by chance I manage to get the cursor to edit, it does not change (save) anything. I'm doing something wrong. But what?
Thank you very much for your services, Auctiva.

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