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I am not sure how new this venue is, but there seems to be a large community of sellers and buyers there.

It is aimed at sellers who make their own handcrafted or homemade items, so it may be of interest to some in the Auctiva community.

It costs $0.10 per quantity to list an item, regardless of the selling price. When you sell an item, there is a flat 3.5% commission fee. I believe your items stay active for a period of 6 months.

Anyone interested can click here. Any alternative to eBay's fees has to be worth a try, I guess!

JustBon Crochet Designs

eCrater Store

Etsy Store
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I sold a handful of items over a few months' time but that was without really actively working on it, promoting it, etc. It didn't take many sales to make me happy because that's when the site was still free -- although the fees now are incredibly reasonable.

You might check out their forums for tips and whatnot but, really, it's like anywhere else. The better your items, descriptions, photos, etc. the better you'll do.

I imagine that one could do really well there with the right kinds of items because it's extrememly active with lots of new stuff added every day.

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