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I have been using Auctiva since eBay retired Blackthorne. Your early templates were great for what I listed. After the eBay change your new templates have been slow to catch up. Lacking are the various sports, transportation:cars, boats, planes, etc, stamps, coins, TV/Hollywood/Movies, any military:various branches, and templates that could be used for historical events. Thank you.
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I agree with the original message. I know it is work, but why can't you just make the original type templates that were "specific" to categories work with the new specs that eBay requires. I can't see what the issue is. It's just putting the graphics of various images on the templates. These generic templates are really not cutting it and i have seen many people complaining about it on your forums and social media accounts.  It's really important for your customers listing to POP and be different than other listing for similar items.  I sell all kinds of items and to not have generic pics on the template of "jewelry,trains,military, watches, etc..." really hurts. I have had compliments in the past of my COOL listings and I know it's hurting your customers. This was one of the main reasons that I signed up with auctiva and quite frankly if this doesn't get corrected I won't renew when my my year is up.



Hello Milton,

I am sorry to hear that you feel this way about the new templates.  Please understand that the former templates use code that not only is unacceptable after the changes that eBay has made in the last year or so, but that code is also becoming further and further outdated, having difficulties with more contemporary browsers and operating systems.    Our current templates not only comply with eBay's requirements for security, but they are also mobile friendly and resize accordingly depending on the device they are viewed on, so there is a considerable difference between how the templates and the elements that they are composed of operate between the older and more contemporary templates.

You are welcome to make requests for differing templates at our Feature Center located here.

 - Craig

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