I need to use solid color like just plain black or various other solids. These templates do not work well with art work. I've tried using no template and the listing looks horrible. Used to be just plain white but now, with your new templates you've make it impossible to not use one. Please make solid one color templates for the more conservative. Art work in particular needs a complimentary background not something with dots or many colors or some other messy looking thing. Please bring back solids, particularly black.
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Hello hippophile1 -

Please feel free to submit your request regarding templates or any other request to our recently revitalize feature center, located here.

Thanks for your continued interest in improving Auctiva!

- Craig
As a side note to this request, we've already started developed on expanding the number of templates, based on what our users are searching for (keywords) in the template system and the requests and votes in the feature center. Look for some of the most voted for/searched for templates being added!

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