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Hi Auctiva!

I have a few suggestions...

1. When images are uploaded it'd be nice to see the end URL in the upload confirmation box. ie: it's alot simpler to "cut/paste" the URL's for externally created templates than having to goto "Manage" and then find the file and the associated renamed file w/ URL. This should be easily implemented and it'd be a real time-saver for those who want make their own templates.

2. Pertinent again to images... Your "Edit Image" function has no "replace" (ie: upload a new image OVER the old one). This is rather important to experienced sellers. For example, we have put our ship/pay policy, terms of sale/returns etc. in a image file. The reason is obvious... should we need change terms, policies etc. we simply need change the image and the change appears across all listing displays.

Such changes can result in a larger or perhaps smaller width/height image size. Most browsers if a <img> tag does not specify width/height will simply "auto" it. The alternative of course to use CSS and alter the associated CSS for xxx.IMG sizes.

BUT... either way one chooses to do it they really need the ability to upload a new image over the old one.

Again, alternatives being using complete PURE CSS creating an block etc and having to manage all changes (url as well) in the CSS. Rather a pain as compared to just "upload image over old one".

3. Our template has an image gallery done with CSS. Towards that end lets say we have 4 screenshots of a video game. What we'd like do is never need create unique filenames for each image, instead "1.jpg", "2.jpg" etc...

Locally we'd like store the images in their own associated directory... ie: Video Game "Rama" would reside in a directory here called "PC Games"->"P-R"->"Rama"... in that directory we have "ProdImage.jpg" and the screenshots, "1.jpg".... etc.

I have ALOT of stuff and as such a actual tree directory structure at Auctiva would be quite beneficial. I realize that Auctiva does allow for a "Rename" of files, it'd be considerably sweeter if it just kept the filenames uploaded as well as a true hierarchial directory structure.
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Of additional note... I have done a bit more research at Auctiva, looking at the various [TAGS] etc. It'd be nice to have a few [EXTRA] tags Smile. These could be used for a wide variety of purposes and be a part of the product entry process in a way that is not confusing to users (ie: them thinking that these extra inputs are eBay inputs).

Why? In our case for example we vend many things but we vend a good deal of software. As such we do not want our eBay Tagline appearing as a Title in ad's. An example listing tagline might me "Superbike Racing - NEW CD With Manual On CD. COOL RACING FUN!". However, in the actual listing (advertisement) we want a TITLE "EA SPORTS SUPERBIKE RACING"... We need worry about system requirement, "Windows 95/98/2000/XP*". We need worry about packaging, "CD In Plain Slimline Jewel Case Manual On CD!".

So as an example here we have three fields and all of these fields map to the TEMPLATE not actual eBay input fields. Thus the need for [EXTRA] tags, so templates can have content injected into them that is product specific as part of the listing creation process. In our example the item title, operating system, packaging are all different font sizes with varying font decoration, all done via CSS. so some [OPTIONAL] tags would be a very nice addition. We need it yesterday Smile

I am a software engineer as well, VB, ASP etc. Just getting started with eBay. While Noob to some of this stuff I have heaps and gobs of eCommerce ideas and experience. It's too bad I'm in NY .vs. CA as I'd love to visit and chew over some thoughts or job prospects.

If you will, just another "profile" like the "Sellers Profile". Perhaps 5 "Optional" entries and associated tags for injecting the content. This way vendors could use those areas to inject content that might vary for example, "Come See Our Haloween Sale", etc etc. It'd be a valuable addition. As it is now I think I am going to have to use the "Sellers Profile" one for it.

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