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Saw the banner on someone's auction for this site, looked good so I joined. But do you have to know html to make full use of it (I'm not bothered about custom templates - there's enough there to keep me going Wink )?

And will this thing automatially update my pics in the scrolling banner thing? I've looked through 20 pages of forums and it's still not fully satisfied my curiosity on either.

Plus, how do I get a link to my store in my sig?

Thanks in advance. Hehe...
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Hi, no you don't have to know any HTML to use Auctiva.
I'm not sure what you mean if it will automatically update your pics, do you mean like when an auction ends or starts, if the pic will be automatically added or removed? If so, yes, everything is automatic.
A link in your sig? Click the "Auctiva Community" link at the top of the forums. Then click Personal Zone, then click View/Edit Complete Profile. Scroll down and you'll find the place for a signature.

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